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3-D Carve
Wholesale dimensional signage
3-D carve HDU-  
sign foam

3-D objects can be carved and added to just about any sign project.  We carve in 2 ways either by hand or by 3-d dxf router file. 

All 3-d  projects are quoted individually
Hand carves are simply carving your working vector file by hand to give the real shape.  This is done by the carvers eye and does not require the development of a 3-d art file which in most cases start at 350.00 per object and move up quickly.  This is in addition to the finished object cost.

Router carves are done with a developed Dxf file.  If you have the 3-d file then there would be no development charge.  The advantage is that duplication is always better with the machine file and you are not subject to our carvers representation of the object and what you have on the file will be what you get. 
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